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  1. Same! I can't find an option for a market order. Quite annoying as I'd like to place a market order before 11:30pm and go to sleep
  2. Yes, I agree, I have checked stocks from ASX and have come back a few days later to check again... the volume is still off. I've decided to just use Trading View for accurate volume. But I do really wish that IG would fix their volume problems.
  3. I can't cancel my order? It just comes up with this message in the screenshot when I click cancel My funds are stuck as reserved and I can't cancel it.
  4. Is this how you set a stop loss? Can I set a trailing stop loss?
  5. I just spoke to someone on the phone. I was meant to put Expiry: Day (All sessions). Not Good 'til cancelled. Order went through when I changed the expiry. Wow I would not have guessed that was the problem... I wish the description was better.
  6. I'm on share trading account. It says so on under my name. Am I meant to put a "stop" buy order instead of a "limit" buy order?
  7. Now I'm confused. My order should've gone through. I put an order at $524 and now it's $519. Did I put my order in wrong?
  8. I'm trying to call them but I've been on hold for 30 mins. Yes so doesn't that mean if the price goes under $525.95 then it should fill? Now it's $521, so it should definitely fill, right?
  9. Yes I made the order 9pm Melbourne time. I just resubmitted the order above the latest price and it's still not filling
  10. Ig's own web based. Now pre-market is open and my order is not going through
  11. I put in an order and the price went below my order but it didn't get filled. This happened a few times over the span of an hour. Do you know why?
  12. Does that mean I can't execute trades? Is it like an indicative price before the market opens?
  13. Yes I know. But NASDAQ should be closed right now? Why are the prices still updating?
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