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  1. Probably a good thing from a trader perspective
  2. Thanks. What's your focus: day trading, swing trading or investment?
  3. Are you making money and if so what are your returns using your approach?
  4. Well done on the retracement bit. What was your forecast based on? What trends did you spot?
  5. Thanks. Dont see why IG can't consistently send messages on holiday opening times. Sometimes it does. Sometimes not. Be consistent IG. If the info is available push it to your clients.
  6. IG, please communicate opening times/hours for the various markets. You are erratic on this. Sometimes you post holiday trading hours to my inbox other times not. Patchy communication! Please do better and be consistent
  7. Yes, Very belatedly. She could have put this statement out on day 1! Speaks to a bunker and reactive mentality/culture that she has and is within her organisation. I suspect she made this statement with her gun to her head after seeing signs of customer flight I'll take this statement at face value but a lot of damage has already been done to the reputation/image of IG
  8. Looks like Revolut may be little better, in terms of system availability
  9. Has anyone used Revolut. Do they offer spreadbetting and what is their range of markets?
  10. In my view the real reason for the outages is a policy decision on the part of IG to minimise liquidity risks. In my opinion, the most relevant part of that article is the one below The fact IG is hiking up margin requirements all over the place and completely restricted trading in a few shares should tell you something. Given the lack of explanation from IG.COM about the cause for the outages, people are entirely justified in drawing their own conclusions (what you call conspiracy theories) based on the broader ongoing context. I'd rather hear direct from the horses mouth than you hunches and assumptions You say you've been in system development for 40yrs. Perhaps this has made you overly technology centric? Your focus on your API integration is revealing. Most punters simply want to be able to log in to the platforms and trade at all opportune moments. IG seems to be copying the China playbook of shutting things down when it perceives a threat! "In this situation, also A-Book brokers are not secure. There are many examples in the forex industry of STP brokers’ failures. Counterparty risk associated with liquidity provider can be crucial if we mitigate to them significant and concentrated exposures. In case chosen liquidity provider is not able to cover profits generated on hedge account, our business model will collapse like a house of cards. Even if you decide to minimize the counterparty risk by connecting to the biggest liquidity providers or even prime of prime, in most cases such LPs are not flexible enough and cannot offer you negative balance protection. This can lead to a situation where your clients would generate huge negative balances on their accounts. Liquidity provider would ask to cover the negative balance on a hedge account, but the broker wouldn’t be able to reclaim money from traders. Such loss can be disastrous for your brokerage, especially as STP is a commission-based model."
  11. Sheer market manipulation! Driving retail investors to the wall mid-bet!
  12. Oh! And some of us contrarians may want to fade the moves of the WSB crew. So please get out of the way!
  13. That's our choice if we choose to rush in with the herd. No different from the big boys with their clone narratives. Free trade should be protected. We don't need your paternalism. You've never cared about punters. Don't pretend to start now because you might be getting burnt. Stop taking down the website. Stop the market manipulation!
  14. Do you work for IG? I have an idea! Why don't we let IG explain what the problem is and what they are doing to fix it instead of having everyone second guess. Now that would be ground-breaking wouldn't it? Cmon Charlotte, what's been causing the outages? More of the same next week?
  15. Where is Charlotte to apologise for the "inconvenience"?👎
  16. I think the "Big Boys" are trying to teach us small retailers a lesson. Brokers are just their b***c**s doing their bidding!
  17. It is rigged. The industry is trying to manage exposure to the Wall Street Bets phenomenon!
  18. Not one message from this company explaining what went wrong and what they're doing to prevent it from happening again. Not one! Tells you all you need to know about the culture of the organisationn. They've worked out people rant but don't switch so couldn't care less
  19. Thanks. Will try out their demo.
  20. Thanks. Will give their demo system a spin. The only language these people respond to is customers voting with their pockets
  21. Weasel words. What was the problem? What commitment and actions will you be taking to make sure it never happens again.? How will we know And please stop rubbing salt into our wounds with the use of that glib word: inconvenience!! Many of us lost money. That's not an inconvenience. It's a financial loss! What if anything will you do about this?
  22. Time to switch. IG platforms are rigged! This is a systemic issue and will keep on recurring Its part of their game. They dont care. Watch. They wont give a decent explanation or plan of action or commitment to prevent this happening again CityIndex was trading just fine and they're meant to be a small outfit List of reliable brokers please that werent affected today would be most welcome SHAME ON YOU IG!!
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