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  1. Is this a good short term bet, Will it go side ways for awhile or do we think it will be a good short term investment
  2. Heard Barrats developments are releasing £175 million to shareholders Is this correct I thought they were going to drop due review of HTB Any thoughts ?
  3. Just placed order for some stock and the quote shows significant figure for commission Pleas can someone shed some light on this Simon
  4. Listening about the AIM market Is it worth looking at stock in this market or is it high risk New to this , advice appreciated Simon
  5. Shares in barratts and Barclays ( predictive text )
  6. Hi I have sheers in Lloyds, Barry's and Barclays They've increased recently but seem to fluctuate a lot Is now good time to sell and see if they drop again or am I Better holding for now New to this so any advice would be appreciated Sc
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