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  1. To be able to trade NIO is there a registration form I need to complete? I have a UK account. I've emailed IG but I do find their chat and email pretty unresponsive so as usual, a few days later I haven't received a reply from them while the SP continues to go up... Thanks, Malcolm May
  2. I'm pretty new to IG and their layout. Anyway after trading from my Share Dealing Account I set a stop loss to limit potential losses. I've found that if I trade from my Share Dealing ISA I can't set a stop loss. I can set a Limit Order but get a warning that "my order is likely to execute immediately" (of course because I'd be selling at a discount for someone and a loss to me). There's possibly a fundamental reason for this I'd imagine? At the moment I'm transferring funds from the ISA to the Share Dealing account just so I can set stop losses. It would be easier to keep track
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