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  1. Hi everyone, I am working to download historical daily data via the REST API (crypto EPICs mainly - e.g. CS.D.BCHUSD.CFD.IP). I believe the timestamp that comes with the data us UTC. I am finding that for the period where AEST is in daylight savings time (DST), e.g. Oct-6-2019 - Apr-5-2020, the date stamp changes. Here are two corresponding transitions: Here's what the REST API looks like around Oct-6 And here's what it looks like around April-5 2020 So two questions: 1. Why does this happen? UCT is UCT - 00:00:00 corresponds to the start of the day for a 24 hr period. I don't know why it would shift just because we're in DST in AEST. Is it that the actual reference point for a 24 hr period is 10am -10am AEST, and when DST starts, the UTC adjusts? And then the actual daily/24hr data then 23:00:00 UCT to 23:00:00 UCT? 2. So you end up with dates within DST shifted by 1 day, which can be fixed post-REST-API - but is there another way to deal with this within the API itself? Thanks for any advice... Steven.