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  1. I've had a similar problem since Monday (10th Dec). My indicator alerts are working fine but the mobile push notifications I have switched on for when a trade opens and closes haven't been working this week. I often (try to) rely on them so it's frustrating when they suddenly stop working. From my experience, they stop working quite often and then make an unannounced return when they feel like it. I hope they're not gone for too long this time.
  2. Thanks @JamesIG. That'd be much appreciated.
  3. Hi, On the History tab on the new platform, it is limited to showing trades closed in the last 24 hours. I would find it so much more useful if this period could be customised. As a day trader, I usually only want to see today's trades at a glance without having to go to My IG to see my full trading history (where the period is customiseable). Currently, I'm forced to see some of yesterday's trades (progressively dropping off the list as the day goes on) as well as today's. My second suggestion would be to include a P&L total of the trades closed during the chosen period. If I remember correctly, there did used to be one for a while until it disappeared. These two simple functions would make the platform much more useful and seamless, IMO.
  4. You might find this article of interest, @cryptotrader. EM might not be the best investment if the USD continues to appreciate, according to this guy: The Dollar Is The New VIX - Forbes
  5. @Tancredi has beaten me to it! ? That's all the email says, @Caseynotes. No explanation given. Have you traded knock-outs? Perhaps the email only went out to clients who've traded them. Just a thought. I completely agree with you. I think you'll find much of the same with any broker operating from the EU.
  6. I think so, @Caseynotes. The change is that the minimum 'knock-out level' is much further away; the distance from entry (in percentage) now matching the margin requirement of a spread bet for the given instrument.
  7. Re yesterday's email about the changes to knock-outs, with them now requiring the same margin as a standard spread bet, there's very little reason to trade them. They're now inferior to a standard spread bet (no customiseable/closer stop, market orders only, higher minimum position sizes). I assume IG's hands are tied and have been forced to make these changes to adhere to ESMA regulations. Such a shame. R.I.P. knock-outs.
  8. @joeybageyes, @JamesIG, I view the live shows on the IG website at https://www.ig.com/uk/live-shows, which I have bookmarked. A few minutes before a live broadcast, the video player automatically starts counting down. If you miss a show, you can also view previous shows going back six weeks. Hope this helps.
  9. Now all of the major pairs have had their minimum position size reduced from £1/pt to 50p, as well as some of the minors. Indices too; the FTSE 100 from £1/pt to 50p and the US 500 has been slashed from £5/pt to £1. I don't trade much else so not sure about other instruments but I'd assume this is across the board. It's a welcome change that will be beneficial to those with smaller accounts. I wonder why it hasn't been announced though.
  10. Hi, Mine weren't even coming through on the web platform. Since this morning though, they seem to be working again on the web platform and my iPhone. I don't know if there's been any intervention by IG to fix the issue or whether indicator alerts are just temperamental (I've only recently started using them regularly). It would be nice to be able to rely on them with confidence though.
  11. Hi @AP, That's what I plan to do as well, with the help of price alerts. As they are at the moment though, they're great for swing trading. I've opened a few live KO swing trades and must admit, I'm fast becoming a fan of this product. Kudos to IG for bringing it to us as quickly as they have.
  12. Hmmm. Hopefully mine will just start working again when they feel like it then. ?
  13. Indicator alerts were working for me last week but they've stopped again this week. I've checked my settings and reset them but to no avail. Are they working for you, @Danthmann, @CPC69, @hughcl?
  14. That's a very good point. ESMA should also consider the fact that the harder they push, the more they encourage retail traders to trade outside their jurisdiction too.
  15. You're welcome. I hope for the same too. Loosening their chokehold on retail traders by reducing the leverage restrictions a little is the best we can hope for, and there's plenty of room to do that and still 'justify' their existence (ESMA got these new powers in January and they obviously want to use them - just like a kid with a new water pistol).
  16. The ESMA regulations aren't legally a permanent change to legislation; they have to be reviewed and reimposed every three months if still deemed appropriate. I think they can keep them rolling for as long as they want though, so effectively permanent if they so choose. "MiFIR gives ESMA the power to introduce temporary intervention measures on a three monthly basis. Before the end of the three months, ESMA will review the product intervention measures and consider the need to extend them for a further three months." Source: www.esma.europa.eu
  17. eToro has the lowest percentage of losing clients that I've seen so far. 65% doesn't sound as bad if you think of it as 1 in 3 clients are in profit, especially when compared to the '90% of retail traders are losers' figure so often bandied about. Maybe there actually is some value in automatic copy trading.
  18. @JamesIG, that is good to know, thank you. That would enable far greater control of risk and would be ideal for intraday trading (provided there are no minimum stop distances beyond what you already have on spread bets). I look forward to hearing any updates on a delivery date in the future. ?
  19. Hi @JamesIG, Are there any plans for closer knock-out levels with smaller increments, suitable for intraday positions? Thanks.
  20. The expiry seems to be just under 12 months for all of them (I've not checked them all). Overnight funding applies though, so you wouldn't want to hold one for that long.
  21. Hi, It's great to see this new way to trade (bet on) the markets with reduced margin (akin to pre-ESMA leverage restrictions). I'm sure many will find this a useful feature, however, as an intraday trader, my stops are significantly closer to my entry price than the knock-out levels available. Take EUR/USD for example; a typical stop for me would be 10-15 points, whereas the closest knock-out level available is over 120 points away. So I wouldn't be able to take advantage of them without taking on unacceptable risk with a considerably negative risk-reward ratio. Are there any plans for closer knock-out levels suitable for intraday positions? Ideally in increments of 1 instead of 10, or even user-defined levels.
  22. I've just noticed that the minimum position size on GBP/USD (not sure about other instruments) has been reduced to 50p per point on the web platform. When did this happen? I've not seen any announcement about reduced position sizes ?. I'm pleased it's happened though.
  23. Maybe that's what it was then. As far as I was aware, my internet connection was okay and when I checked the IG status page (https://status.ig.com), all systems showed as operational. I've not seen the message since and my charts seem live today. If it happens again I'll update this thread.
  24. Hi @Caseynotes, thanks for your response. This was on a 5m EUR/USD chart (apologies, I should've included this in my original post). Hmmm. ?
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