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  1. Hi, Within the last hour, a box with a message appeared on my charts (new web platform) to say that the price on the chart was delayed and directed me to deal elsewhere (it disappeared before I could read it fully). It gave no explanation for the delay though. I've never seen this before. Has anyone else experienced this and/or knows the reason for it? Many thanks.
  2. IG operates in Switzerland; they have registered offices there. I wonder if the new rules prohibit IG from taking on UK clients via their Swiss arm. Can anyone confirm this?
  3. I'm eager to see a working example of the 50% close-out rule. There's very little information anywhere about it, let alone a breakdown of how it would work in practice. I'd like to start planning how I'm going to work around it. I'm guessing IG haven't finalised the details of how they'll implement it yet, so can't provide detailed explanations for us. Until then, I sit and wait.
  4. Now that is interesting. Can you confirm this to be the case, ?
  5. Hello, As far as I'm aware, your collateral service is only available with a share dealing account. With the leverage restrictions from ESMA due to come into force in a few months (and I'm hoping there's a legal challenge from the brokers to halt/prevent these punitive restrictions), would you consider expanding your collateral service to your Smart Portfolios? As I would much rather open a Smart Portfolio ISA with IG and use the capital as margin on my spread betting account, as opposed to cashing in interest-bearing assets just to sit in my spread betting account as dead money.
  6. I've been wondering how the 50% close-out rule would actually work in practice too, especially how the use of stops could be used to mitigate its effects. A breakdown and example would be very useful in understanding this.
  7. Hello Ludwik, Thank you very much for your explanation. It confirms what I thought was the case but couldn't find in writing anywhere to know for sure. You've clarified everything I wanted to know. :smileyhappy: Perhaps your explanation could be used on the IG Support Portal to help others too. Many thanks!
  8. Don't all rush at once! :smileywink: That was a very long post so put simply: how does withholding tax affect dividend adjustments on US shares? I'm guessing that this is a mystery I'm only going to learn after the fact. For now, I'll carry on trading US shares and see what happens. Wish me luck! :smileysurprised:
  9. Hello, I hope someone can explain this to me because I've searched high and low for the answer online and on IG's website and community to no avail. So I emailed the help desk but their reply only confirms what I already know and doesn't explain what I don't. Regarding shares and indices, I understand (or at least I believed I did) that dividends paid on a spread betting position will be automatically adjusted as a 'dividend adjustment' on my account. When a stock/index pays a dividend, its price will be affected by the dividend payment and hence my P&L will be affected. To offse
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