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  1. Making a living out of trading.. Depends on what your needs are. Would you need $50 or $100 or $500 etc income a day to make a living from? How much time and dedication can you put in? No you wont get rich in a few days. It does take time. Build up your capital/portfolio trade by trade and day by day. Trade with the mindset that it is going to take you 2 years to build up enough trading capital. There is a difference between trading and gambling(taking a chance on a trade). Sometimes this can be a fine line. Crossing that line to taking a punt/taking a chance and you will lose f
  2. Does anybody else have the same issue that you can’t add funds to your demo account? There was no problem with this before. Issue is only since the past week. I have tried different computers, OS, browsers, Java versions. I have reported it to IG support but get the same lame reply back that’s always used by IG. This is really frustrating.!!
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