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  1. Have held shares in SCON from reverse stock split on 09/09/20 of 10:1, still saying on my share dealing account that shares are worth 0.00 , could anyone out there advise on how long this will take to sot out as at minute shares dropped 0.60 or so since split and I can not trade them ?? any knowledge on this appreciated.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm new to IG and have a share dealing cash account, could someone please explain unsettled credit.
  3. Pretty sure I'm been a little bit stupid. I'm new to this IG and never used platform. Could someone please advise. If I place an order on a stock and want to let it run for a few weeks what is the best or cheapest way to execute order as I don’t seem to be able to place a market order good TIL cancelled, also could someone tell me the cost of consideration on a limit order or even just what it is (not heard of this before). Thank you .