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    Hi , thought I'd add to your post on what is one of the most shorted UK stocks In the year to 3 Dec 2017, Ocado reported a pre-tax loss. Costs developing IT systems and automating warehouses weighed on profits (-£0.5m versus £12.2m profit the previous year) But they have announced a string of partnerships; French supermarket Group Casino, Sobeys of Canada + another unnamed Shareholders will hope these will allow Ocado to slowly start to turn a profit... Ocado have said they expect earnings to rise significantly in 2019 However since the tweet below went (semi) viral in January
  2. Hi For this ‘Balanced’ portfolio I used three instruments. The weight in the portfolio given to each is given too... 48% - Developed market equities (MSCI World Net Total Return Index) 48% - UK government bonds (FTSE Actuaries UK Conventional Gilts Total Return Index) 4% - Gold (LMBA Gold Price) I crunched the numbers for you and over this period the FTSE 100 returned 84% while the FTSE 250 grew by 169%. In comparison, the ‘Balanced’ portfolio I constructed using the 3 indices above was up 82%, extremely close to the FTSE 100 total return! However, the maximum drawdown (peak
  3. Agreed. Setting aside a portion of your funds for buying opportunities can definitely be advantageous. A key reason we launched Smart Portfolios is to complement our existing Share Dealing offering. We would like to think that our clients will use our range of Smart Portfolios to manage the core of their wealth but use our Share Dealing platform to trade their best ideas. 2016 equity returns and the opportunities arising from the EU referendum provide a good example of how this approach can work successfully. While the FTSE 100 returned around 19% over the course of the year, on the da
  4. If you are looking to invest in the stock market but want to make a positive impact on environmental and social issues at the same time, how do you decide which stocks or ETFs to invest in? Is this even a consideration when you are looking for investment opportunities? Traditionally, investors used exclusionary screens to omit “sin stocks” in certain industries like gambling, tobacco or weapons. However disregarding entire industries can have negative effects on diversification and portfolio returns over the long run. But now you can buy funds that include companies based on ratings sy
  5. When it comes to long term investing should you really worry about timing your investment to perfection if you are looking to invest over the next 10, 20 or 30 years? Investing in the stock market can be highly beneficial if you gets the timing just right. But in practice this is particularly difficult to do. Investors who stayed in the market over the past 10 years would have earned solid returns, well above the rate of inflation. Investing £10,000 in the FTSE 100 at the start of 2007 (inconveniently just before the financial crisis) would have generated an 81.5% total return, or
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