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  1. I also have chart issues since yesterday. Single bar only for all time frames......
  2. Agree with the above bumps. Please bring in SL and TP to share dealing
  3. Thanks for the reply 🙂 That's all good and well but if you are PDT on US markets for example and trying to put a stop under/over a bar or pivot then there lies the issue, even for relatively cheaper ones. The pts away system on FTSE and some UK stocks also reduces the amount of management you can have on your SL and therefore risk/reward. I can't always watch a trade every second and run the risk of losing a lot more than a solid stop would afford me. This is not for all US or UK stocks but greatly reduces the amount a small account/beginner can sensibly trade with sensible ris
  4. Apologies if this has come up again but I posted without an account yesterday and can't see it so I thought I would post again. It's disappointing to see IG change their minimum points per trade on the spread bet account. As a new trader who is looking to open a small account (£2k) its now impossible to manage my risk on the majority of potential trades. As it stands I can't graduate from a demo account on IG and this will stop other people like myself from opening an account if we can't manage risk properly. It's really disappointing to see IG go this way and not look after the
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