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  1. @ Caseynotes. Got it!. Many thanks😀
  2. I noticed that trailing stops can be placed when you initially "deal" and not "order". Is there a way to add one after the position is open? Thanks.
  3. It's possible use a CFD account to hedge the position also. Although a normal sell order would work.
  4. It would be very practical to be able to export "workspaces" to/from CFD and spread bet accounts.
  5. I would like a "horizontal ray" option to be added in the drawing toolbar. This is very helpful for basic charting. Simple but effective. When trading non UK stocks the amount in pounds to be shown correctly if I closed the trade at that time including all fees/ex.rates.
  6. I've noticed that there is no option on the drawing toolbar for a "horizontal ray" which is an option on most trading view charts. There is a horizontal line option and although acceptable it is definitely not as practical. Maybe I am missing something as I am new to the platform but I've never come across this before. Please let me know if I am. Thanks.
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