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  1. I have some shares certificates that I own from my previous employment, the company is listed on the FTSE100. How do I go about adding them to my IG trading account for online/app platform sale? many thanks
  2. It looks as though I may just want a market order, no bells and whistles, just a simple buy now, sell now when instructed. Would I just leave the order type unspecified to do this?
  3. Hello everyone, i’m new to IG and a complete novice to trading. I know the shares and the amount that I want to invest in.. however the app is confusing me, and i’m worried that if I invest I may some how mess the order up. I don't understand the bottom section of the app when ordering; - Order type (Stop / Limit) - When filled (Net off / Force Open) - Good Till (Cancelled/ Day Time) - Stop Distance (Points) - Limit Distance (Points) I would just like to make a long term investment, monitor the shares myself and sell when i see fit. What should I select, or not select when doing so? Also, how can i see or work out my fee’s from that position when I sell, or will this show when doing so? Many thanks