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  1. Why is the daily chart for AMP.ASX so different from what the ASX chart shows. Your prices are incorrect.
  2. This happens because orders are filled on Buy and Sell Bids, not the midprice or what the cash market calls Last Price. So if you place an order to Buy it will be filled at an Offer or Sell bid. This will be the higher of the two quotes you normally see. The difference between the Buy and Sell bids is the spread and this can vary during the session, particularly in the overnight session. It can get several points wide making it more likely that your order will be triggered. I suspect you are not looking at the right chart. You can look at a Sell price chart, a buy price chart or a mi
  3. How do you explain the range on today's bar for ANZ (on ASX)? The low in no way relates to the cash market that never went anywhere near this ridiculous low. What has this done to people's positions?
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