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  1. Is it possible to get a 2 minute chart of DAX and DOW on MT4? I would like to use the EasyOrder script to automatically calculate my stake size when opening trades on a 2 minute chart, but I can't find one anywhere, and can't work out how to create a custom chart..
  2. Hi Gerry. It got resolved, yes. I never received the emails that IG send when you set up a new MT4 account, which I think means that they never got sent, because I don't have any spam filters or protection on my email account - I'm the webmaster so I get to see everything on our mail server - and I think it's because of the way I funded the account. I rang up to talk the IG helpdesk guys, and the chap I spoke to volunteered to move the money from my spread betting account to the MT4 account, and I think this might have short circuited the sending of the emails with the logon credentials. If you can access the IG dashboard, your MT4 username is shown as "MT4 ID", and is just 6 numbers. You can request a new password if you email the helpdesk.
  3. How do I find out my MT4 username? I applied for an MT4 account, but when I try to log in using my usual credentials, I get a pop-up saying that only numbers are allowed. I've tried using my MT4 ID from the dashboard, but afetr a few moments I get an 'invalid account' message at the bottom of my MT4 terminal window.
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