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  1. Is it possible to get a 2 minute chart of DAX and DOW on MT4? I would like to use the EasyOrder script to automatically calculate my stake size when opening trades on a 2 minute chart, but I can't find one anywhere, and can't work out how to create a custom chart..
  2. Hi Gerry. It got resolved, yes. I never received the emails that IG send when you set up a new MT4 account, which I think means that they never got sent, because I don't have any spam filters or protection on my email account - I'm the webmaster so I get to see everything on our mail server - and I think it's because of the way I funded the account. I rang up to talk the IG helpdesk guys, and the chap I spoke to volunteered to move the money from my spread betting account to the MT4 account, and I think this might have short circuited the sending of the emails with the logon credentials. If y
  3. How do I find out my MT4 username? I applied for an MT4 account, but when I try to log in using my usual credentials, I get a pop-up saying that only numbers are allowed. I've tried using my MT4 ID from the dashboard, but afetr a few moments I get an 'invalid account' message at the bottom of my MT4 terminal window.
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