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  1. @JamesIG - I would like to understand the break down of how this is calculated. Do you have a copy of this now closed thread?
  2. I am still trying to understand how profits/losses on trades are calculated because I am not sure about some of the expenses that I am incurring... For example, I was recently charged about A$49 for "Daily FX Interest for 3 day USD/JPY converted at 0.0133" - an someone please explain to me what this means and how it is calculated?
  3. Where does that code come from? Is that a function within IG?
  4. I am new to IG and just want to understand how IG calculates our profits (or losses) on FX trades. For example, on the trade I made yesterday (details below) can someone explain to me how the final A$522.82 is arrived at?
  5. ZeliZeli - good question, I wish I could answer it... By the way, I am new to IG and want to understand how IG calculates our profits or losses on trades. Do you have any example calculations so I can see all the expenses?
  6. Dear all - where within IG's website should I go to learn more about the fundamentals of FOREX trading?
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