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  1. Hi Stef, Sorry I've been offline for quite awhile. You are correct Stef. That was what I was asking for. Trailing Stop (non-guaranteed) combined with Guaranteed Stop (fixed). Nem.
  2. Hi Johannse, Thanks for your reply. Regards Nem.
  3. Thanks for your reply Johannes. I usually have my guaranteed stops set well outside the minimum range. Regards Nem.
  4. Hi, I would also like to split open positions, not necessarily a single contract, but where you have say 4 contracts, and would like to let 2 run, with a different stop, or limit in operation, to the original trade. I know you can ring the trading desk and they can do this but I gather, not something they would want to do on a regular basis. regards nem.
  5. Hi LukeM, If possible I would also like to see a combination guaranteed stop and trailing stop? So that your guaranteed stop is your absolute bottom line risk exposure, but a trailing stop works from that point, so if your trailing stop is gapped your guaranteed stop is your ultimate safety net. (I know I want my cake and eat it too). Is this possible? I know the mechanics would be harder, but I'm sure attractive to many traders if offered.
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