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  1. Thankyou. How much is the payment monthly out of curiosity?
  2. I am having the same issue with a demo account. Is it necesary to have a live account in order to activate the different data feeds?
  3. I was thinking this is maybe because I am using a demo account and in order to activate and deactivate data feeds you need a live account?
  4. Im having the same issue. Without having it activiated there are many (all session hours) stocks which i cant trade. It would be great if someone could help?
  5. Hi, I'm new to the platform. When using the mobile application i am unable to trade certain stocks on the NYSE as te app asks me to activate the NYSE (US) data feed through the web-based platform. However when following the instructions given to acces the 'My Account' area i can see any option for data feeds or how to activte and de-activate them. Can anyone help me? Thankyou