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  1. So, in addition to the problems I mentioned in an earlier post the web platform is now doing odd thing. Have/had a position on Gold but after the market closed my profit loss reverted to 0. It wasn't zero when the market closed. Also the page is no longer displaying my margin/profitl/loss/funds etc...What's going on IG?
  2. Had a short on the FTSE today which was performing well. Adjusting stop/loss appropriately and then the App crashed. Went on the web platform. This then closed my position out of its own freewill. Went back into short the market on the web platform and was then summarily closed out. Couldn't log back in to either the app or the web platform or put a position on until gone seven in the evening...The FTSE fell over 100 points - well over 100 - from my original sell point. How can the web platform and the app not be working at the same time? Look, I'm not Warren Buffet, so it's not going to make
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