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  1. i am getting error only available for leverage trading yet i have an open position i was wanting to buy more shares tried another stock and same msg error i dont know what is going on any ideas people
  2. i am not very happy with this action it is wrong cant buy but you can sell ? who is buying it if we selling it? we all know the risks off trading but this action is out of order
  3. I am following Bohoo and ther shares have been climbing what I want to know is why do the shares drop when the company has just posted double growth over the year profits beat the predicted forecast Can any one explain this .is it people taking profit now ? You would think that they would go up not down When the company raised its forecast during the year the shares rose but yet when the actual figures come out and are better than expected they drop Very confusing . I am new to this and any info would help I have also seen this happen with other companies I watch Thanks Jay
  4. can some one explain to me why FSTE is posting new highs after London close ?
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