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  1. I have looked in spread betting and CFD accounts and understand the benefits on each account. I need help understanding the Fee's on both of these it says you charge the Libor + 2.5% /3% for mini's what Libor is this UK or US and what is the term of the Libor. Would like to confirm this combined rate will only be charged on the amount borrowed for the rest of the margin. When using the demo accounts for the spread betting account the minimum contract size was huge ETF's some positions needs to be £2000+ without any maintenance margin. Also it states 75% maintenance margin required
  2. The service has been good when I have emailed a few times received a reply within a day. Haven't had any problems with them so far. Spread's are excellent compared to Trading212 & Etoro the few fees I have paid for UK stock's (US trade 3 times per month its free minimum trade is $90) probably saved money already. They dont have portfolio total charts which would be nice so I can see how much it is gained/Lossed where my portfolio has been outperforming/Underperforming against a index (time weighted return). Few ETF's & Stocks you cant buy in a ISA which is annoying but hopef
  3. Hello, Would it be possible to create a total portfolio graphs for each accounts & combined account values to see gains the day/week/month etc then give our portfolio Sharpe ratios/back testing feature would also be nice. Also could you add all shares/ETF's (SPY & EEM) be able to purchase in ISA as some stocks such as BABA and SIKA.SW would like to have in the my ISA in the future as I plan on holding these positions for a long horizon so would like to protect them from CGT. Thanks
  4. Being able to create a Lifetime ISA (LISA) would be a great account to have alongside other account's. Being able to provide free insurance over the £85,000 than the FSCS provide's maybe up to £1-5 million in damages (cybercrime, liquidation etc) would be a nice to have so you can have all account's through IG. Also I asked support if they could add a company called SIKA ticker SWX which they informed me is on IG however it's only available through you'r CFD account's and not Share Dealing ISA. Could you add this onto you'r share dealing ISA account? Could also add rough guidelines
  5. I would like the trading analytics in the share dealing account's to visualise account balance over different time scales with the P/L e.g 1 day, 1 week,1 month, 1 Year. Dividend payment calendar with the payout amount ( show previous payments in another chart). One platform which I have seen which has lots of chart's is M1 Finance. Fractional Share's especially on the larger tech stock's such as NFLX, GOOGL, AMZN. To trade option's on individual stock's. To be able to buy cryptocurrency in a ISA account or cryptocurrency ETF's.
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