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  1. Hi CharlorreIG Thank you for checking in. Ideally the ticker would have a unique column in among the Positions screen. Many of us who deal in diverse / uncommon products only know the name of the product by the ticker. And the name on the IG system often is not familiar. So all confusing and chance of misplaced investing. Thank you
  2. But we want the ticker shown in the line along with the P&L data. Some ETFs have very odd names in the IG system comapred to their real names, so when you have a large profile of investments it becomes impossibly teadious to do as you have suggested. Most platforms like CMC Markets and others put the ticker in the line data as a column.
  3. Hi Hamsa We are all waiting from IG Markets for an answer to this one. It appears there are dozens and dozens of the same question without an answer so I suspect IG Makretins isn't interested. I am now looking into a competitor. Do you ahve any recommendatiosn for competing platforms?
  4. Hello? Anyone from IG Markets actually work here? Can anyone recommend other platforms that have a better U/I for trading? I have been looking at CMC Markets. Anyone had much experience with them? Thinking of making the move soon.
  5. It has been over 1 year since this issue was raised. Are we to conclude that IG Markets simply to care about their customers' feedback?
  6. Thanks Andy, your product looks great, but with all due respect we shouldn't be having to pay $15 per month just to have the most basic functionality within the IG user interface. I will give IG Markets another 30 to reply and resolve otherwise I am going to take my business to another platform that does offer this essential functionality.
  7. Dear team New user here and I have a quick question. I came across to your platform due to the competetive brokerage fees and I am happy enough so far. But I must say I'm surprsied to discover that the basic layout / functionality of all other trading websites I have used is missing. In particular, the ability to export your CURRENT positions as an excel file (CSV, etc). I'm not interested in exporting my trading history - I wish to export my CURRENT positions so I can do some analysis of my weightings etc. This is a core routine task performed by sophistocated and amateur investors, yet it is missing from your otherwise very sophistocated platform. Such a basic product feature but bizarrely missing? And while I am here it is worth suggesting that you should also copy your competitors and have additional (optional) tabs in the Positions screen - such as showing your positions in your domestic currency and also your individual P&L expressed as a % for each individual holding. Your help in relation to the Excel question most appreciated.
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