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  1. Hi guys Is there a way for rolling over a forward position (before expiry) outside of settings for a single product on a one-off basis? Or do you just modify settings at the appropriate time, only to change settings back again afterwards? Thanks, D
  2. @JamesIG James - How does one do a one time rollover of a forward, i.e. outside of settings? Phone up, Or does one have to switch on and off the settings at the appropriate time?
  3. @JamesIG Thank you for your response. You might advise when you expect to address the flag suggested. Thanks again
  4. @TrendFollower @andysinclair @JamesIG Thank you for your responses. I thought there might have been a way on the IG platform I had missed, but apparently not.
  5. @JamesIG / @Caseynotes further to this, more recently I have encountered many trading situations where the system refuses the LIMIT position saying the position is too far from current market price. An example last year was I wanted to enter a long position on the VIX when it was at 11 and you refused to take a LIMIT at 20. I never placed the trade and it ended up blowing past 30. More recently I wanted to trade Natural gas products and eventually ended up on an EFT (perish the thought), the risk/reward was 1:1.7 and the LIMIT was refused. REALLY? So if we don't have a LIMIT and the market moves fast we cannot close out (even over fifteen minutes!), and then when we want to place a LIMIT you restrict the profitability of the trade. You also seem to have platform problems where yesterday I was entering a limit in the Position page and the system would not take it, I then went to the chart and moved the limit line. Refresh, Back and forth and eventually got it entered. Something not right there - maybe I am over challenging its capabilities. I don't have time to day trade, so don't trade very often, but there is too much built-in frustration. You can never login with the confidence you can trade - you never know what next will pop-up to prevent a deal and the opportunity is missed. Which is probably why pro traders tell me to go elsewhere.
  6. Hi @Caseynotes Yes you can do the same in the actual market trading screen with the info button at the top right - but it still does not tell you the market cannot be sold to open. This fact is also inconsistent across markets i.e. in the dealing process the info arrives at different stages. Bottom line is you could be doing some market research on trade set-up, at the end of which you eventually discover the market isn't even tradable. This of course is utter nonsense. IG should take down products that are not tradeable - in particular the forwards. All furcoat and a padlocked chastity belt.....
  7. Hello, How can I display markets from two different accounts at the same time on screen? Opening in a new window does not resolve. Thanks guys.
  8. Comment replicated here as probably better placed here than Tech Support for Platform or App IG, Could you please flag markets that are not open to trade on the screen prior to Place deal, or other activities are performed. So if you have closed down one side of the market for what ever reason , the flag should make it obvious to a trader before doing any analysis or attempting to place a trade and get a THIS MARKET MAY NOT BE SOLD TO OPEN message. Many thanks again.
  9. IG, Could you please flag markets that are not open to trade on the screen prior to Place deal, or other activities are performed. So if you have closed down one side of the market for what ever reason , the flag should make it obvious to a trader before doing any analysis or attempting to place a trade and get a THIS MARKET MAY NOT BE SOLD TO OPEN message. Many thanks again.
  10. Firstly I am very clear on what a MA and EMA is mathematically. No confusion there, or in selecting indicators on the IG platform. @Caseynotes it was you who introduced the EMA into this discussion. I'd be surprised if you are saying Chris Beauchamp's used a EMA and referred to it as an MA. Frankly I don't think he did. Note he posted IG LIVE at around 10:40 and I played it back a little bit later. In discussing the S&P performance with a professional trader the day before, the location of the 200 day MA was clear in my head at around 2670. So when watching his review something did not look right to me. I then checked my chart and noted that the IG 200 MA was last at 2670 Friday last week. I then took the values I was seeing at around 13:55 to illustrate the point in my post here. Subsequently I heard back from the professional trader who confirmed IG moving averages are affected as mentioned above. I then posted again with this new knowledge - effectively answering my own question. The difference between the two MA numbers, reflect the fact that @Chris Beauchamp was using what IG calculates as the 200 day MA on the US 500 cash market, the same one that clients also use. There is no EMA MA confusion or mix-up. The bottom line is there is a HUGE difference between the "market" and the IG mirror market in this respect; an index trading above or below a key indicator such as 200 day MA. Obviously a magnitude I had not realised before, but then again I am not in the market very often. Personally I believe this is too big to be effective and should be properly addressed. That of course would probably necessitate having an actual US S&P 500 and an All Sessions US S&P 500 market. Fat chance eh?. I just bascially don't like having to do translations when listening to Bloomberg CNBC or professional traders discuss the S&P. If I was to trade the S&P seriously then I would want to have the key indicators imprinted in my brain and be speaking the same language and not have to do extra steps and second guess how other traders would be reacting to the market 'cos they are referencing different values. Just my perspective. regards cc @JamesIG
  11. Hi @JamesIG - Perhaps you can formerly clarify this situation. Thanks, D
  12. Hey Caseynotes, To illustrate my point, check the difference between IG and the Stockcharts.com Chicago close. As you can see the 200 day MA has not been anywhere near that reported by IG. I have it on good account that this is primarily because of the trading weekend inclusion.
  13. It turns out that IG now has weekend trading so it turns out the extra two days are messing with the moving average. A bit of a pain.
  14. Why is the 200 day MA at 2697 on my Cash chart while down at 2673 on Chris Beauchamp's IG Live chart and even lower on other sites? Effectively the value was 2694 and below the 200 day MA at 13:55. What Am I missing? Thanks, D
  15. In this example James it was the Volatility Index. I had not seen where the outer limits are listed, but now noticed that you can discover them using the position tab and toggle the limit to the maximum so it shows there.
  16. James - Is it possible to widen the distance between the upper limit of a LIMIT and the current market price? Why restrict it? Thanks
  17. Thanks for your response. Yesterday several of the spread bet shorts for stock forwards had this message, I must have tried 4 or more. Yet when I look at the market data it showed the IG pool to be 92% long for FCAU in this example. Are you saying it is pretty much standard for forwards?
  18. James - Thanks, this looks like a good feature. Digressing a little bit ... where is this status shown where one could reference it prior to placing a bet? I don't see it in product details or using info buttons unless I am missing something. regards
  19. Can someone explain to me their experience of borrowing charges when shorting futures/forwards? Does IG introduce these over and above the cost of carry that is included in the spread in specific circumstances and what drives it and how does it vary? Cheers
  20. Edited sample report comments in image. Also why not enable P&L reporting for markets other than DFB? Thanks
  21. Thanks, that has worked for me.
  22. Hello Anton, Thanks for your follow-up on ST's points much of which I agree with too. Here are some minor improvements and some observations. For convenience and efficiency please consider the following: Could you move the order or position label a bit further in from the left, so that if drawing exists at the same location the cursor can pick it up if required? Right now the gap is very small to the border as illustrated in the image here. Note also the the STOP level line should be "sent to back" of the horizontal line label so the label is legible. Observations : If I am not mistaken you have limited the number of earnings labels in an events calendar. I would prefer to be able to see at least a year back. Have you also further limited the amount of historical data for markets too? It seems less than before to me. Maybe there is a feature to allow one insert date ranges of data to view and I have not found it - but the bottom of screen drag is too slow a process when you want something finer than the zoom buttons provide. Note you also still have windows spreading too wide. Yes I know I could get it back in by changing my resolution but I should not have to do that: Thanks, D
  23. I only had exposure to the New Platform over that last 48hr, so having read and appreciated the other contributors on here I have some observations that might be useful to your efforts. I discovered the New Platform when it automatically opened without my selection, and coincided with a move to Chrome out of frustration with Mozilla Firefox and previously Explorer. Unfortunately multiple Google Chrome crashes was a bad start that has negatively coloured the New Platform experience. So I will be going back to the Classic Platform until its enhancements have been fully developed. Some obvious issues – though not major and perhaps easily fixed The left hand fly menu item does not fill fully to the right as in these two images. The price label on the left should be brought to the front so that where it overlaps multiple lines they do not appear cutting through the numbers in the label. Feedback Preferences: I would like to be able to see what tabs I have in a My Workspace (let’s say the last MW opened) while I look at items selected from the fly menu at the left. Anywhere the SELL and BUY prices are displayed the SPREAD should be noted just as you do in the ticket space. Where the change in points or percentage is shown (top left of screen, watchlists ) the period of time covered should be obvious. It varies by product so it is helpful to show it next to the data or by mouse cursor hover. Currently the hover just repeats the displayed numbers. I think it is useful in long term strategic trade positions to have the date of opening as well as the price of opening, and besides the running P&L a running Fees/costs column for the trade. There is certainly plenty of space on the window for these. I don’t like any labels that hide the scale on the right of a chart; current live price as shown below – could perhaps be put on the left of the graph so it is not interfering with the candles or the scale. Why does the graph proceed into the scale and under the current live price anyway? Yes you can drag it left, but perhaps this should be automatically kept out from the scale. Another thought - maybe the current live price could be attached to the last candle rather than embedded in the scale. Likewise the deal buttons are on top of the scale. As we are on scales, can the resolution of the scale be made user adjustable at certain levels. I like to insert horizontal lines to illustrate a trading range or area of significance. Doing it directly on the chart is not always possible – albeit close. Why not have the facility in Watchlists, Positions and Orders for columns of additional user defined information, like as you can edit a Stop you could enter a precise line location and you could also have a column for lines that reflect the last trading day, week, month, year high or low for the product– provided by IG drop down menu. If the Watchlist is a list of commonly traded products from which you start the day it would be convenient to have these features. This stuff to me is more important than any Twitter/ News feed - expecting that the IG.com Market data will remain.While it is now possible not to show the Open position or Order on the chart, why not include the price level for the trade and make the bet details display optional in settings? So [GTC 10200.8 £5/pt] or [GTC 10200.8] for example. That's it to start with (!)... I have a lot of indicator & analytical capability comments for the charts but probably beyond a trading platform's purpose.Cheers - and good luck - you have a lot to do.
  24. Thanks, @Caseynotes I upgraded to 8MB RAM a few months ago (although PC can take up to 16MB RAM) so that is not the problem. The CPU performance would be independent of the RAM anyway and you can see in the screen here RAM is stable. I'd like to be able to look back over the CPU performance history numbers rather than just this real-time view. It is a result of Chrome and the new platform in combination. I will test whether there is a max load of tabs I can have open. A backward step. ...by the way, hope the scalping is going well... can be rough on your ticker!
  25. Just recently started using the new platform and coincidently started to use Chrome (the recommended browser) and expected wonderful performance, but get frequent screen freezes when adding new product charts to the workspace. Running on a PC w/ Win 7, Intel Core i7 1.8GHz w/Turbo boost to 3.0GHz, yet the CPU overload is probably causing it. Requires log out and re-login. Have 8 tabs in My Workspace. Have not encountered this on Mozilla Firefox. Have others come across this?