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  1. Hi, On 29 Nov 2016 I received a promotional email from IG stating that CFD commissions will be reduced by 50% until 28 February 2017. E.g. for US shares the commission is usually $0.02/share (minimum $15 USD). Therefore the 50% off promotional rates are reduced to $0.01/share (minimum $7.50 USD). These rates are all explicitly stated in a table within the email. However when I checked my last four CFD trades, I have been charged the regular full rate of $0.02/share, i.e. charged about $75 USD in total instead of $37.50. When I inquired with the Australian IG help desk they said that I have been charged the correct commission and did not know of this promotion in question. This is the T&Cs for anyone wondering: https://www.ig.com/au/shares-offer-terms Any other Australian traders been burned with this?