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  1. Dear All, My CFD buy order was executed for more price then what I put in for order level, can you help clarify this. I put the buy order for mesoblast on Friday for order level at 3.39 for 1000 units . When the market opened the order was executed at 4.98 price per unit. Can you please help understand how is this correct when I put a order level at 3.39 . Screenshot attached showing order level that I asked for and at what price it was bought.
  2. Hi All, Need help understanding if this is correct? I put order level on CFD account to buy Mesoblast at 3.39 this morning. When the market opened the order was executed a price of 4.98 for 1000 units. Is this right behaviour? shouldnt it just not process the order if it opoened way higher then 3.39 ? Thanks