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  1. Agreed, Nothing in life is free (rather nothing in life is completely free) but few things are less expensive if we find the right alternatives.
  2. I have lost 1.5% for each trade (buy+sell) and eroded away thousands before realizing it. I am thinking to move to IB where I think I will be able maintain USD. Anyone else uses it? I think it is better to discuss this in the forum as I a greatly affected by this conversion fees... and the community would have been. IG should allow a way to avoid this. Agreed that it will reduce their profit but it will be fair to the customers if they care. A fair competition.
  3. This is dubious and hopefully not a deliberate systematic foul play from IG? I sometimes see discrepancies between two trading systems side by side. Will be more watchful.. I experienced something during a CFD transaction but did not have a screenshot. Resulted me into closing my position absorbing some loss. These kind of glitches reduce the confidence and transparency.
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