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  1. No response to telephone calls and 2 days to answer an email when they clearly haven't read the email they are responding to. I just want to transfer some shares and am getting no help.
  2. I am trying to transfer some rolls royce shares on a certificate to a share dealing account, any share dealing account. I recently left rolls royce and the only choice from computer share on leaving was to take my shares as a certificate. Computer share were no help, nor were HL so i tried my other platform IG and sent off my Crest form with my certificate and a couple of days later got an email saying you cant transfer to an ISA, so i have asked to transfer to my share dealing account. Problem is that at every stage it takes 2 days for IG to respond to an email and then it turns out they didnt actually read the email so i am getting nowhere and IG have my share certificate, it really cant be this difficult?
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