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  1. With the advent of the notifications in our browsers informing us that Flash is going to be discontinued in 2020, I'd like to know how far away IG are from moving away from the outdated technology, like they probably should have done sometime in 2009.

    It's insecure, slow and generally a nuisance.

    IG, how far away are we from not having to deal with this relic? Hopefully sometime before it's completely deleted.

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  2. Flash is an outdated technology that is slow, cumbersome and generally a pain in **** to use. Yet again I'm having issues getting the charts up as IG is telling me I don't have Flash installed, even though I do and it's allowed on the site.

    Here's an idea IG, how about you separate yourselves from this obsession with Flash, realise it's outdated and update your platforms with HTML5? Wouldn't that be nice?