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  1. Is there a way of purchasing or selling agricultural options or does/can ig offer such a service? They have options on most assets I don't see why not on ag sector. There is potentially a very large gap there for Irish farmers. Hedging crop quantity/quality would be a phenomenal service, particularly since there doesn't seem to be much competition grom any other brokers at least not on the British isles. If any ag traders out there have some insight I'd love to talk to you. Thanks, Aidan
  2. Daily rollover rates, where can i get these? @caseynotes yep wouldn't choose anything else. thanks again.
  3. Thank you @Caseynotes I can understand where ig are coming from with regards the leverage and their exposure,(counter party risk) particularly in relation to major interest rate changes that may come to the fore in the years ahead. Wild times ahead. Cheers,
  4. Thankyou @Caseynotes. Would you happen to know is there any way one can be deemed eligible for esma exemption having 6 years trading experience and CFA program completion. Is the 500k essential even with a good track record? If we have a Brexit will this invalidate ESMA rules?
  5. Can someone tell me how to get around this order to close business on specific stocks or is there any way?