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  1. I thought I understood this, but suppose I have five spread bet forex trades running. Can someone explain how to cover the five margins and how this is related to stop levels and total equity? Many thanks Astrikor
  2. For the last week I have been unable to add funds to my demo spread bet account. It has worked fine over the last year, and I am no where near the limit. Does anyone else have same problem?
  3. I'm having trouble with long-term deals which will not close ( i'm using Python api) According to the IG help desk, it looks like the security token has expired. So, how long does a security token last, and does it need frequent refreshing to action a close command. Or alternatively would it be automatically refreshed by a new login immediately prior to commanding close? Thanks Astrikor
  4. I have been running automatically with api on the fx demo platform for some time. Occasionally when a position has been held for a long time, say >10 hours, my position will not close when instructed by api. My software then runs a "while loop" continuously trying to close the position. later when I check my positions I then realise it's stalled and have to close manually - which it does without a problem. Any ideas gratefully received! Astrikor
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