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  1. Sorry should read: FSTA was 952 bid. I entered a GTC on exchange bid at 953 for 540 shares, but this is not shown in L2 data
  2. Hi, FSTA was 952 bid for 540 shares. I entered a GTC on exchange bid at 953 but this is not shown in L2 data, is it actually working? I can see it in my reserved orders, but i want it to be showing out a 953 bid, not just wait to see if it goes 953 offered and lift it if it does.
  3. Hello. the market in a share i am looking at (share dealing account) closed at 362.7. I have a GTC buy order at 362. I would like to change this order down to 360 but because the exchange is closed the system is rejecting my amendment. I don't want the market to open substantially lower tomorrow and get filled before i can change this order. How do i cancel this? thanks!
  4. thanks James, if in the same business day, i offer 100 lots of an equity at £100.00, half is lifted leaving me offering 50 lots at £100. if i amend the order to offer the balance of 50 lots at £99.50, is this counted as a new order incurring another commission fee, or just a change to the initial order and i am only charged 1x fee?
  5. and further to the above sorry, what if i am half filled, then lower the balance of my offer on the same day?
  6. Hello, Say there is a £5 charge for executing a trade at market, well what is the difference if you place on offer level on exchange? What happens is say half your offer is lifted in the morning, and the other half in the afternoon? What happens if Half your offer is lifted on day 1 and the other half lifted on day 2? I'm just trying to figure out the charges i would incur from multiple fills. Thanks!