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  1. I'm guessing most BreExit is based on sentiment, half glass full / half glass empty. I would say banks would maintain a shrunken presence, and look for ways to bridge between the major market players. As for the economy, in the short term, a shrinkage may occur, and inflation overshoot will cause a dip in sterling until the traditional approach to combat the cost of living has been applied. Also variable factors such what the Fed say they intend to do and what they actually do when a maverick is behind the wheel. The BOE will mimic the Fed and move in tandem.
  2. "However, the low-energy price is expected to keep inflation expectations weak and around negative on zero rates in the short-term" How long will it take before OPEC's new reduction strategy feed's into the market price? Has it been factored in or yet to be determined?
  3. I've only started trading in Fx and the excitement of a few initial wins; over excitement, bad trades equate's to downside investments, and I believe in either winning or learning. My learning journey has begun, and seeking more sustainability rather than quick wins, is a challenge that I'm looking forward to. Understanding candlesticks through to learning various statistical tools to help me evolve into a profitable trader.
  4. IG was closed yesterday. I believe it opens this evening at 9pm GMT for FX :mansad:
  5. Hi, I was hoping to check through some of FXtrades, but I noticed that the IG platform is not reflecting the bid/ask prices for any pairs. The prices are visible via forex.com (15 minute delay) and they have stated that all FX currency pairs are open from 11pm GMT (25th) to 7am GMT (26th) and then will close until 9pm GMT (26th) - http://www.forex.com/uk/support/trading-hours-holidays.html Why is IG not updating?