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  1. Of course. That makes sense, thank you. Presumably the price on the real-time charts switches seamlessly at market open and close?
  2. Noob alert - sorry! I've recently started trading the FTSE 100 index with an IG Spread Betting account. It makes perfect sense to me that while the market is open, you can bet on its movements. But when it's closed, it's still possible to open and close positions against a moving index, albeit with a larger spread. What's actually moving the index, thus providing movements against which to bet?
  3. Cheers! Yes, I discovered that post too after a bit of searching.
  4. Thanks for this - but I think it's ok. I did some further research, and discovered the Trading Analytics function under 'My IG'. This referenced the adjustment, and I now understand how Dividend Adjustments work! I had closed the position a little after 4.30pm and hadn't understood the significance of this. So the discrepancy was just a consequence of my ignorance. I clearly have a lot to learn!
  5. Hi all, complete noob to trading - I've been playing with a demo account for a few weeks, today opened a live Spread Betting account. Dipping toes very cautiously into water as follows: Deposited £250 Opened a position at 25p per point to short the FTSE (sell at 5942.2) Closed the position (buy at 5936.9) Notification stated £1.33 profit as expected However funds now read £250.13, ie only 13p of profit. How come the full £1.33 wasn't added?
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