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  1. What is going on?? Oil took a beating since yesterday, but I had one small trade on (BUY, obviously) which I left open overnight. The trade was automatically closed (stop loss), but then continued until that too was closed, and still carried on, with the two previous losses already deducted from the account. Why did this happen, and how can I ensure on this platform, it could never happen again? My funds got eaten for no apparently good reason. (Or should I just stick to Plus500... I never feel like I got robbed on there, like here I was charged $15 commission TWICE
  2. Can anyone show me where the commission for TSLA trading is indicated? I entered a trade inadvertantly and stopped it on - $2.24 loss; IG charged me $15 TWICE ?? I wrote to the helpdesk 3 days ago but nobody seems interested to answer.
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