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  1. Dear IG, I find it quite disappointing that any trader who trades in cryptocurrenices has a notional limit of 250k on the account if the value of the account crypto surpassed that figure. If we end up with a potential bull market in crypto this could be easily surpassed. Does that mean to will credit anything over that value back into the clients account to keep it under 250k ?. If so, it’s disappointing as an established spread betting company your penalising traders who end up with profitable bets that exceed 250k. Do you have any plans to take off the cap ? Kind regards
  2. Hi IG, Due to the popularity of crypto currencies, are you considering listing TRON. It’s been quite heavily traded on other exchanges and the news flow is encouraging as a sustainable coin. Kind Regards
  3. Dear IG, Will there be anymore crypto currencey pairing being offered on I.G ? I have an interest in Stellar. Many thanks
  4. I have noticed I.G are showing Litecoin will be coming soon on its platform to be traded. The question I'm asking is this, what equal chance do I have to get in on the trade rather than being blocked out by the professionals ? It's frustrating trying to get in onto any of the crypto's due to allocations having been filled by professionals rather than loyal retail customers.
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