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  1. 28 minutes ago, Guest IG_scoundrels said:

    I'm closing down my IG account. Have been with them since last Feb and handed over a lot of cash in fees for the privilege.

    Their stance on AMC is unforgivable, and I suspect, illegal.

    Apart from anything else they are USELESS when it comes to customer service, they have too many outages for my liking and there's a lot of trades out there you can't access.

    As for their bold pre-market claims - forget it. You don't get pre-market or anything like it, by the time the exchange opens you've missed the boat everytime.

    I sincerely hope that many others have/will do the same. Show the bastards who's boss.

    Who are you moving to? Is anybody else better..I've opened a demo account with IBKR, cant even access the platform!!! So all ****!!

  2. 24 minutes ago, JonathanMcGrath said:

    Holy smoke. I only signed up with IG two weeks ago as i was told they had a good reputation and now this. Is it possible they have liquidity issues as i am in no ways cash rich and need to protect my trading funds? 

    You only need to worry about the stock listed which have margin increases at 4pm monday - other than that its trading as normal (for how long "normal" remains for other stock who knows!!)

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  3. 17 minutes ago, Caseynotes said:

    Gold trapped between 1413 and 1424.

    H4 Chart;


    Agreed - looking for breakout but will be range bound until FOMC with possible short term spike on rate decision. However, now that FOMC 25 point is expected (rather than 50 point) I expect gold to pull back to range again thereafter.

    What do you think?

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  4. Just now, dmedin said:

    That looks like a reaction wave (a 2 or a B or such) and the next wave is back up 😎

    Yep - Payroll more than expected so now "some" indecision on July rate cut but i think July rate cut is a foregone conclusion so will see some pull back in any gold spike near FOMC meeting.

    Watch indices/USD on US open - this may push gold up today.

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