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  1. How did you get the Bull/Bear volume indicator you are using?
  2. Been trading US Crude for a while - whilst Iran/global concerns are supporting prices in the short term ultimately demand concerns will push prices back down to 5000 levels.
  3. I will try this and also look at getting IG setup better. If you get a good IG setup, [please share; thanks
  4. What dashboard are you using as it looks good so far. Can you explain the setup if possible; thanks.
  5. Agreed - I find "available by Phone, or Not available to Trade" its SO frustrating! IG sometimes locks you out of trades when it knows the stocks are likely to be very liquid/volatile (and popular) and therefore forcing to to miss a scalping trade.
  6. Selling Gold after US Retails sales - Support at 1326 Dollar spike as Fed rate cut seems less like - in June at least!
  7. The bar for attaining Professional Trader status is very high (IMOA) and I doubt many normal traders will have the actually hit all three criteria required to covert to Professional status. As I commented before, I have been with IG a long time and as a UK resident; am comfortable with service provided by IG as a UK entity. Do “we” really want to jump through hoops to circumvent rules which actually (if you look at it with a clear head) can/will have minimal impact on normal trading bar the increase in margin (which I agree is disproportionate to outgoing margins). I am looking at other brokers but will trade under the new ESMA rules for a while to see and assess impact/restrictions on my trades and orders. Whilst I am in agreement with you all regarding the ESMA rules; let’s take a breath, pause and most importantly THINK before jumping from frying pan in to an “unknown” fire.
  8. Medusa, Have you researched IC Market and can you provide info particularly: · Are your UK deposits with IC Markets covered by any financial conduct authority scheme in AUS and what’s the limit of cover; if any. · Ease of deposit and more importantly withdrawals · Any legality issue of using AUS spreadbetting company · Anything else you may feel worth mentioning Thanks as this will save other some research time
  9. So what is the consensus strategy (if one at all!) that majority of IG clients are applying for 28th July -18 when ESMA rules come into force? It would be good to know how other retail traders are looking to act and in extreme cases – will you close IG account and walk? Or even look for a non EU broker – Australia seem the most popular location to open new accounts but I would do a LOT of research if you are looking to do this.
  10. What about cash positions (DFD) Are they treated as rolling over on a daily basis ie will i get closed out on 29th July if I have a margin call on the new rules?
  11. I have been with IG for over years but dont quailify as a professional client as my trades have not been large enough (within last 3 month time frame I think). I agree with Rimmy2000 in that that the ESMA rules do tighten the the critera for trading and we need to reassess our positions and act accordingly. I think the ESMA rules will make you think a bit more before committing to a position (or opening multiple positions) due to the inncreased margin and close out rules. As there is nothing we or IG can do about ESMA rules, we need to get ready for operating in a new trading landscape and look for a positive way to do this with our limited capital.
  12. Why Long Gold - Its in a range heading low highs/lower lows
  13. Yep - I think they are as the Gateway error has been replaced with Technical issue message.
  14. Anything we can do...getting near to US open and markets heading down so need this!
  15. Anybody else having issues with ProRealtime not working?
  16. Hi, Been on IG for a while but not use the community much. Are you new to IG and trading? How is it going?
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