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  1. I'm having the same problem, they've always been terrible since I opened the account, but today I really needed them to resolve an urgent issue for me and it was just beyond them, couldn't get through on the phone, live chat is a joke, it cost me money today and it looks like it will tomorrow as well. I'm so sick of it I think I need to change brokers.
  2. I've had trouble with them since I opened the account, but it's come to a head today as I had a problem with the platform which has stopped me from placing trades. An urgent inquiry you would think, but I've been unable to raise anyone on the phone line, it just rings for hours without being picked up, and the live support team are useless. 40 minute plus wait just to have someone that is completely clueless about the platform or trading tell you to ring the phone line again. I've missed out on an entry point I've been waiting on for a while now because of this, and I'm becoming so exasperated I think I need to change brokers. Am I missing something here? their website says its 24/5 customer support from experts yet I've never managed to find one.
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