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  1. i'm one of "those types" too.. thinking there are "absolutes" in trading is dangerous.. a lot of hedge funds thought there was absolutely no way a rapidly-sinking dinosaur like Gamestop would hit even $20 - never mind $60... a few weeks later it was $350.. I didn't read a word of your original posts btw - nothing personal, i just don't consume trade ideas at all, anywhere.
  2. Hi Jakub, yes that's a quick way to find an EPIC, thanks.. So, it looks like the only way for me to get a feature similar to "filter by stock index" in the API is to manually create a watchlist for each index.. That way, I can query my "Wall Street" watchlist from the API to see all quotes.. That's a shame because this will be time-consuming but better than nothing!
  3. Hi, On the web app you can click "Shares" then "Filter by Indices" (e.g. Wall Street) to get a quick look at all quotes within an index.. I use this feature a lot - how can i reproduce it using the API? Is it possible to search for shares by Index using the API? If not, could someone post a list of all EPICS in the Wall Street, US Tech 100 and US 500 indices, please? Cheers, Lloyd.
  4. You'll find a clue to the underlying market (nearest thing to the symbol) in the "Info" tab under "Codes".. e.g. if you look at the FTSE 100 chart the Code is "UKX", the Tesla code is "TSLA".. Since IG is a market maker providing its own, proprietary OTC markets you are not trading the underlying market directly. You are only trading an IG-specific market _based_ on the underlying. So it makes sense _not_ to use the underlying market's symbol as we're not directly trading the underlying.
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