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  1. Hi, it seems you have been open by saying that you are only dealing with closing only on GME and AMC. However, to me it seems that if most stocks are showing some increase or spike it suddenly rejects any buy order and says Closing Market Only. This can happen at any time after market opening on UK or US markets and restricts the spread betting options. Just this morning for example on PNPL, my order was rejected several times saying Closing Market Only when it was after market open at 8.30am GMT. Is there any reason for this, it has happened daily on different stocks for at least the last 6 months and is surely incorrect information. Only now do I see it is not allowed as Robinhood have been criticised for restricting the purchase of certain stocks. Please can you advise the reason behind this.
  2. Hi I've been following this and just wondering how you are doing @DSchenk on the Spread betting as I have been doing this too, trying to day trade on the US markets. But finding the spreads very difficult to make much profit. So am considering moving to share dealing like @nit2wynit Can I ask if you are doing better at the share dealing @nit2wynit ? It would be great to have an update from both of you if possible. That seemed a nice little win on Novavax. Just trying to work out strategies and interesting to see other peoples styles. Thanks
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