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  1. Can someone confirm when the qualifying month starts ie 1st September. I joined on the 24th September and currently waiting for my Isa to transfer over. So does the first month start on the day I joined or 1st of every month or do I have just 3 days to trade 3 shares
  2. I'll answer this my self. Two things about delisted shares. You cant convert delisted shares into certificates and I was told some brokers can transfer delisted shares but unfortunately IG is not one of them.
  3. I have shares in a company called cloudtag inc (ctag) in my share account with a different broker and they dont trade on the stock market (aim) anymore and are non tradable, the company is still active but apparently looking to get bought out by a bigger company. Can i still transfer this share over to IG.
  4. I want to transfer my entire stocks and share isa from share centre to IG but im confused with the holdings part of the form where it says book cost is the amount i originally bought including dealing fee and not what its worth now. And what if i sold a share and bought another. For example i bough ODX on 4 occasions and probably sold one share and bought into another. My isa holdings is below ISA USED 3627.70 REMAINING 16,372.30 Hopefully someone can clarify
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