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  1. For the love of God, can you PLEASE make Tcikers searchable. Yes, I know I can go into a deal ticket and look at the CODE, but that means I need to know the full company name to start with. Not to mention various companies also havig warrants and such, just let us search by and list by TICKER!
  2. works on spreadbet, not available for me on share dealing though
  3. Trade analystics is available for spread bet but not share dealing. When will it be available across both?
  4. Prorealtime from spreadbet opens up V11 Prorealtime from Share dealing opens up V10.3 and also loses any templates or settings that have been previously saved from other version. I there a fix to this, or date when version will be same across platform?
  5. I guess you are trying to buy it through an ISA, not all shares are listed in ISA accounts
  6. it has been **** all morning tied in with limit up and halts. Even when it is 'working' i keep losing money on spread bets as it wont let me close a position, I logh out and back in and in the red, their support is rubbish, the questions rarely if ever get answered on here. TBH I am looking at moving to IB
  7. Has the font for P&L changed for anyone else today on the web platform in dark setting? It has been showing as green right up until about an hour ago, and now the indicator on the chart, the positions window and history window all show positives in blue and negatives in red, instead of postivies in green. no big deal, but psychological and I dont like it 😉
  8. https://www.ig.com/uk/options-trading/what-are-options-how-do-you-trade-them
  9. So I phoned 2 days ago to ask about a stock that was (All Sessions) because the hours shown by clicking the information button said it was just UK trading time of 14:30 to 21:00 and I didn't want to lose my position, but was told it was fine to ignore the hours mentioned as 'All Sessions' meant it included the USA Pre-market and After Hours trading hours and so was ALL SESSIONS. Tonight (Friday) my market closed at 1000hrs UK time with my spread bet open now holding over weekend on a volatile stock. I looked the trading hours up on the IG website to only find that on Fridays IG stop
  10. Please Please Please add these features or point out where they are: List by TICKER (CODE) so annoying to not do this, example below: Close all positions with one click option VWAP indicator (How do you not have this) Market clock - for example in T212 there is a Market clock with seconds in the bottom right and a market hour graphic on each ticker so you know what times it is available (rather than already know the ticker, open it up, go to deal tab then information then hours like in IG) - example - Stop logging me out when I have m
  11. is it possible to close ALL positions with one click? I have one one-click enabled but wondered if I can configure it to close any OPEN positions at the same time? Thanks
  12. Along with the absence of a clock and market hours which I have replied about in an other thread, one of the first things I noticeed the lack of in IG coming from another platform is the lack of ticker symbols. I know in the deal ticket I can see the 'code' or ticker, but searching by ticker and it being displayed by ticker would be really useful. Currently when you search using a ticker, you get a list of companies and so you need to know what the full name is, which you dont always know, I know I can find this elsewhere, but it is a basic ask and implemented on most other platforms. Jus
  13. This was one of the first things i noticed that was missing from the IG platform. Coming from T212 (lots of downsides) however, it did have a really useful broker clock so you know what is happening and when they are closing which is not always exactly by your own system clock - this also included market hours for your current market. See attachments. So yes, an integrated clock inluding seconds so you can see by the second whenyour market is going to open/close etc, along with some display for the market hours for where you are trading So you can se clock in bottom left and m
  14. Good morning. I am new to IG but not to trading, and new to this community. Quick question. Why is the Weekend GBP/USD chart blacked out? In addition, the IG website says 24/7 trading for weekend when actually it is 8am start. Crypto didnt open until 8am either. Thanks
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