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  1. How am i supposed to type in my IBAN when character limit is set in that section and it gets reached. last time i got my details added by ig support team by email and they added wrong currecny for my bank account which caused withdrawal to reverse and costed me extra 23$ from my account. now it been more than 14 to 15 hours i emailed them for correction and till now i havent got any response support on IG is dead from my experience
  2. Hi its 3rd day since i submitted the documents and my account have not got activated till now. my documents got approved already but account activation is still pending. i tried calling waited for like 45 mins and no answer from there. same goes for email . sent several emails but no response. thanks
  3. can you check mine as well . my documents got approved but account is yet to be activated. thanks
  4. Hi! Yesterday I uploaded my docs, when i woke up this morning i saw documents got approved but account is yet to be activated, please check it out so that i will be able to deposit fund. i want to avail some opportunities, so please activate my account as soon as possible. I've mailed to IG help-desk but no response from there either. Sorry to say but I experienced very bad customer service here...
  5. Hi! I have submitted documents. I want to know how long will it take approximately to get account verified as I am waiting for it patiently.
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