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  1. Hello, I am working as a quant in the financial markets, I have a background in computer science, big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence. I have a personal systematic swing trading project. I'm automating and backtesting a strategy based on a cup and handle pattern, i.e. buy on resistance breakout, on a daily basis for now. I'm making good progress, I have advanced detection of beautiful patterns and the first results are interesting. See image of a trade made automatically, signal: S, entry: ▲, exit: ▼, stoploss in red, rebound on resistance: blue stars. But unfortunately, I haven't followed any course/training and I have no trading experience on this strategy, so I'm looking for people who are interested in this topic. I still have a lot of things to refine: money management, entry of position, exit of position, management of stops. On each of these points there are plenty of ways to proceed. So, if you are interested in this pattern type, or want to verify a strategy, I can verify it with a backtest over 40 years, and even then on different markets and different timeframes. Example of points that I will soon address / refine: What do you thing about selling half the position when you reach R1? How many open trades in parallel? What if all the capital is invested and a new opportunity comes up?