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  1. I tried connecting to the IG server (mt4.ig.com:443) from web-based MT4 but it says the broker doesn't support web MT4. Are there any workarounds or future plans for IG to allow web MT4?
  2. Thank you for your prompt reply as usual, appreciate it.
  3. I read that MT4 follows the timezone provided by the broker. Is there any way to adjust the timezone on IG so that it shows my local timezone when i read the charts in MT4?
  4. Thanks for your reply. There is no prompt of any sorts to upgrade to v5. I just tried the apps pack on the IG version of MT4. From the looks of it, should be able to install on metaquote MT4. I also noticed there is no autochartist in IG MT4.
  5. Am I right to say that from the IG dashboard, we won't be able to see the demo account created via MT4 platform?
  6. Anyone tried using the generic version of MT4 on https://www.metatrader4.com/en instead of downloaded from IG? Can't seem to install version 4 (even if downloaded from MT4 website, and the downloaded filename says mt4setup). The installed version is always v5. Anyone has the same experience?
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