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  1. So if this happens on a prod/live account you can fix it yourself but if it happens on a demo account you get locked out until IG gets around to it, this makes sense how? Quite frankly it doesn't make much sense to me, and it cuts into peoples productivity needlessly. The demo gateway should be a place where you have more control, not less control, and it's a place where your likely to be developing, intentionally testing and running into bad payloads or code that might cause unexpected auth errors, of course there is the fact that even new users unfamiliar with authentication, or people like myself who haven't used IG api for quite a while and are resurrecting old scripts run into a few bad auth attempts, and are then forced to stop development and lose precious time, just because IG.com still thinks this is perfectly fine, that is to say to suspend without remediation demo accounts which should be for testing, but if its a prod account, it's all fine and well, and this makes sense how? Am I the only person that thinks this is completely bizarre. Surely this is not right. Please fix this IG. How about at least increasing the limit for demo login attempts if your going to be this oppressive? I am sure none of us who run into this issue enjoy the productivity wasted, anymore than IG enjoy the constant inflow of similarly affected users, whom, quite frankly as users of a demo API shouldn't be having to contact IG for such trivial things anyway. It's not like this is an issue in prod, so why of all places is it an issue in demo api gateway, of all places, where it should be easier, not more difficult to do the setup and testing of new auth sets, what a madness gents. Just my opinion I guess. Best, A