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  1. @CharlotteIG please can look into IMTL - Image Protect Inc, to be added to the platform ASAP 🙏🏼 Thsnks you,
  2. I’ve seen a post on here stating that IG intend on removing around 1100 stocks from their platform. I’ve had a long position open for sometime which I suspect will be one of the stocks that is removed. I don’t understand if we make a contractual bet with the broker, how can they just close it when they lose. If we lose, we have to pay out. looking for advice and experience from people who’ve been doing this a while, whilst I do more research into how (if) I can keep my position open. Thanks..
  3. Ok I’ve set up a telegram group to discuss all manner of subjects relating to spread betting on the financial market. The wider the community on there, the more value we can bring to it. I’ve copied the link below. https://t.me/spreadbet101
  4. Would a Telegram group dedicated to spread betting be a useful addition for people. Can discuss what brokers are offering what positions etc and have some very knowledgeable traders with plenty of experience to pass on their expertise on such matters. Let me know with the like button and if there’s enough interest we’ll get one set up.
  5. Currently sat on hold waiting to speak to them about this and see why the majority of newly listed SPACs are close positions only or they don’t even plan on listing them (CVII)
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