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  1. I have been trying to get help for days now but emails go unanswered. Did not receive any information from corporate actions in relation to this matter prior to the spin off. Could someone provide some information please?
  2. Totally agree, tried numerous times over the last few days via 'LIVE HELP' and no response. Eventually 'agent ended the conversation'. Platform says call and no answer. Also responded to LiveSquawk Tweet and no come back. I don't trade options. The money in the account is mine and IG dictate when I can and buy/sell shares. Not acceptable. Have missed opportunities as a result of what's going on and lost money. Currently looking into how to move portfolio. Based on the arrogance of IG (that I have experienced repeatedly) losing retail investors will be of no consequence to them. Be prepared for more outages today at 2.30.................
  3. Thanks for the response Charlotte. On looking into this I see now that US dividends have tax with- held at 15% (W-8BEN adjusted), a Belgian dividend at 30% and an Ireland dividend at 25%. Cheers
  4. I am relatively new to IG and have only recently started to receive dividend payments on earlier trades. Out of 14 dividend payments 9 are incorrect, one by 15%. I have tried support and emailing but no response. Has anyone else had this experience and how did you resolve it? Thanks Wilky 1009
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