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  1. I'd hazard a guess and say you were looking at the 'mid' price chart, and not the bid or ask. The price has a spread so if you're looking at the mid chart (by default) then positions will open and close without reaching the price on the mid chart. You can switch the chart to bid/mid/ask whenever but It's a pain to keep switching the charts, I just leave it on mid and mentally add half the spread.
  2. I just think it's just as ridiculous as Natwest stating you can't keep your account with them unless you send them a copy of your Barclays statement. Just unprofessional and insane, no-one would stand for it. tbh it doesn't really matter for me, my account is tiny here like $100 or something, only used for system testing so no great loss. I'll just use the demo account instead.
  3. you mean the same way that Facebook keeps all your data confidential ? :-) lets be honest, the info you're asking for would be a goldmine, knowing the net worth of your clients and how much they hold with you're competitors ? If I show you a $1M trading summary I'll be getting phone calls every day from IG asking if I'd like a cup of coffee and perhaps would I be interested in this or that product ?... My **** bank does it all the time lol. How are you expecting to attract professional clients in the future if you ask them to provide details of their previous trading history ? I can't think of a single person who would ever do that, for very good reasons, it's just bizarre that IG even considers it a reasonable thing to ask. It should purely be up to the client, yes, I want to be classed as a pro and therefore waive all my FCA rights or, no,class me as a retail trader with the full protections. A single check box. Sorry, not having a dig at you, just the ridiculous situation. I bet all the non-EU brokers are loving this, it's like a dream come true for them as all the new clients pore in.
  4. Just some info about applying for a professional account. My father's a city trader and naturally applied to be classed as a professional trader for the new rules, I only use this account for messing around, we both use other brokers for our main share dealing. When I told him IG had asked for proof, a screenshot of his last statement from his broker, he literally laughed in my face and said some very bad words. Who in their right mind is going to share the details of their trading account and trade history with a competitor ? He suggested just to go with his US broker so I will. I know IG is just performing due diligence but they're going to lose all the retail traders overnight, and none of the bigger traders that have accounts with other brokers are ever in a million years going to share their other financial dealings with IG, so they'll be gone too. Such a shame as I really like IG. Not their fault though, blame the EU. I hear some other brokers just have a declaration check box to be treated as a professional, that's it...
  5. I've got similar experience, there appears to be a huge memory hole somewhere. The charts are fine to start with but after an hour or so the lag is unbearable and everything grinds to a halt. This is with x64 Firefox browser on an exceptionally powerful PC, I've been trying to avoid it but will consider giving Chrome (spit) a try. (the old chart is fine, no problems)
  6. Could you please put a clock somewhere on the page ? If trading 15 minute bars for example, it's nice to know if your 1 minute into the bar or 14 minutes. I've tried many time to sync my trading clock (separate from PC) with the screen but it drifts all over the place. So that's the suggestion, put a small clock on the page showing the current time (on the top bar, or on the chart ?). Thanks.
  7. Thanks, I've replied back to the helpdesk about it via email, will report back here with any info. New system, bound to be a few bugs :-) As they always say though, 'data is indicitive'... lol
  8. I love the new charting software, but it has problems... Quite often, when a new candle is drawn it starts as a copy of the previous candle, ie, not blank. This results in a false OHLC for that candle. Diagram attached, 3 minute chart of the FTSE for both old and new platforms. You can clearly see the difference highlighted by black arrows. Of those 3 red candles in the top chart, the first one is a genuine candle but the next two started as copies of it and hence the same open and highs.