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  1. Hey, I would like to make a customer complaint about the regular problems to access Pro Real TIme in demo mode. Despite the fact ProRealTIme is active for my live account, IG is desabling my access to PRT on my demo account. It is the second time that it is happening. I am using PRT for training purpose so I am paying £30 a month for this access. As a customer, I expect a smooth access to the feature that I am paying for. Nearly 48 hours after my first email to the helpdesk, I still have received any support. As a consequence I consider that I am paying for a service t
  2. I have the same problem. I hope your problem has been solved
  3. Hello, Like many other users in this forum, despite the fact my Pro Real Time account is enabled on my live accounts, it is impossbile for me to enable PRT for my demo account I have tried to disable then enable PRT for my live account but I still get the same error message. Previous post about the same problem: I am so surprised that the same problem is going on for so long (2016!) and nothing is done about it. It was even stated that the problem wasn't known in 2019... Please could you help on this @Helpdesk ? Thanks
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